A Submitter

Kashif Afan Hussain (A Submitter) - Solo Artist, Producer, DJ, Author

An experimental artist, an adherant of submission, meaning Islam in Arabic, has spent the last 11 years focusing on the art of writing and accompaniment through music and geometric art.

He has written a piece on the gnosis, the esoteric meaning and the spiritual dimensions of the number 3, where he elaborates the link between various groups of threes. The project can be found on www.12-3.co.uk, and is also available on Kindle and ibookstore

Twelve three

The three symbols of Submission the hexagram (the star of David),the Tetrahedron (elaborated on 12-3~), and the Cube (the Kaaba). He began producing music drawing on his experience from his writings, he released his debut album in 2009, titled Reflections, rather hastily, might add, but it was the start of something he could nurture. He has done some experimental remixes of artist he grow up to, like Ian Brown and Depeche Mode. After completing the album, he began his third venture, and began compiling poems, trying to create a flowing feel where each poem linked to the previous creating a chain of thoughts. His official artist page, www.asubmitter.com and asubmitter.co.uk where you can find a collection of poems with background music accompaniment, titled 'Growing In Logic.

As time passed, he has continuously worked on different progressions and new dimensions in spiritual listening and learning reflective ideas.  He has compiled another set of poems, which he feels is reminds him of Proverbs 'get wisdom, get wisdom, even if it costs you all you have, get wisdom, cherish her.'  And this collection of poems was called 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold To People', and then on he continued but was troubled by ideas stemming from the prevalent music industry, and he felt he was part of a greater plan, he had no idea until  then but would start preparing for a future event, just as Prophet Noah, and when his predictions failed, he continued on, in pursuing wisdom, and every now and then instead of failure and resentment or even incrimination, he was blessed with not asking for any wage, and God bestowing His provisions for him, and he continued into then performing his poems and writings, and sometimes after learning to produce, he began incorporating aspects of electronica or field sounds or even robot synthesis, he had very little experience at playing a guitar, but upon returning from pilgrimage, which he promised, when he had the money, he returned and his nephew chose a guitar he liked, and he thought to buy him it, and he however became quite fond of it, but it is still his nephew's guitar.


A Submitter has produced in total 19 albums, about 20-30 sets, and written eight volumes, and his music and some of his thoughts were made into videos and available on youtube, on 'kashivii' channel, there some 260 videos.



For more information on the best source on Islam visit, www.submission.ws . About the music it is intended to be interesting, fresh and retro, it's not recorded to be engrossing but rather to fit into the background while you do your own thing, very lo fi, to let you drift into your own world.

You don't have to be ready for it, just enjoy the passage of time with background accompaniment, which does not affect your activity, God willing.Though the debut album contained some interesting pieces dealing with 9-11 (liars and thieves), some Quranic ideas 'vanity and play', some esoteric understanding into the power of the written word, victory for the believers. Submitter mix, was a cool short piece, and was the first time experimented with vocals. .As you go through the album, the amount of vocals slightly diminishes, until by the sixth track Dub Romance, .Anyway hope you can plug in some headphones and give it a listen, hasn't been mixed in studio so waves are less condensed and more variable. Suitable for headphones really..


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