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Mitsubishi Get Fuct

The glitter of metaphors and linguistics and backbites, is like the sunset, beautiful but disappears into the evening and night, for a brief moment it looks splendid. The best response to backbites or linguistics is to stay calm and carry on, instead of saying something which would mean they trap your soul, and win souls.  

Soulless vampires want to win the souls of humans, and they will try to lead to white supremacy, where they think with an impeccable choice of the all seeing eye, claiming it can lead to dialogue with Allah, and the only reason they are white is because they claim heaven is on earth, and deny and disbelieve in the Last Day. 

When an all black faithful emerges, who are enlightened, and not suffering under devils, since they are convinced only Allah possesses power, and reverence Allah, and believe His messengers, who proclaim our Lord is Allah, the one Supreme Creator, you'll see those who have fallen into the all seeing eye, hate soul surviving humans, and want to win their souls, and they say things like 'why should we let them win?' and they are unappreciative of Allah, by claiming they are unfairly discriminated, but the truth is it is to either want to win, or to love, when you want to win you get regrets, when you love Allah you get rewarded. The disbelievers think only if they can share in Allah's Oneness then they can win, but if there was more than one Supreme Creator, there would be chaos in everything and everything would vanish. It is the Christian tossers, the devil serpent who makes those who follow him, unappreciative and want to win, and disbelieve in the Last Day, and fall into the all seeing eye, where all they get to do is ask questions, but they keep hoping, that one day they will be able to get to a stage of being able to say Kun Faya Kun, or Be! and it is, which only Allah, the one Supreme Creator can do. The disbelievers reject the Quran, which tells us of the rebellion in the High Society, where Satan disobeyed Allah's command to all the angels to prostrate before Adam, after Allah had fashioned him and breathed into him from His spirit, all the angels fell prostrate except Satan, who said he was better than him (Adam), Allah created Satan from fire, and Adam from clay. Those who disbelieve in the Quran, and that the written word is more powerful than anything in the history of humans, you'll see these evil polytheists who use the all seeing eye, forget that Satan's rebellion did not lead to a break on through, or scientific breakthrough, but instead he realised he was doomed, but sought respite till the Day of Judgement, and vowed to lead all humans astray except those worshippers devoted absolutely to Allah alone. Satan has no power over those worshippers who are devoted absolutely to Allah alone. The all seeing eye, allows them to ask questions, just as those in the Garden of Eden, get what ever they wish, but here on earth, they use the all seeing eye, to ask questions to question Allah's Omnipotence, whereas they claim it is hard as rock, whereas for the submitters they know it is as easy as 1 2 3, whereas the wannabes with the all seeing eye, only ask questions and can never get to the stage of saying 'Be!' because there is only one Allah, the kafirs, are treacherous, and unappreciative, of being what they are, and you see the devil serpent play on hierarchy, instead of cyclical nature of creation, where Satan tried to become a deity beside Allah, but fell and became a jinn, this was the first rebellion, the second rebellion, is of Adam, who the devil dupes with becoming an immortal angel if they eat from the forbidden tree, instead they fell and became mortal humans, the third well fourth really, Satan's rebellion is second, because the first is the paradoxical question 'could Allah create a rock He could not carry?' And here we realise the schemes of the disbeleivers backfire against them, the disbelievers will exclaim Allah's is not Omnipotent, whereas the submitters to Allah question the rock, and realise it is as easy as 1 2 3, the rock is either big or small - size is fluid, the rock is either heavy or light - weight is solid, the rock is either tiring or futile - pressure is gaseous. This represents the nature of creation, based on threes, as symbolised by the cube shaped building, Abraham built with his first born, Ismail. 

You see how the workers of the one world empire, do not submit and repent to Allah, instead disbelieve in the Last Day, and want to share in the plunder with the proud, and steal the realities of the Muslim world, and the Kingdom of Allah, for sake of indulgence, but now then gone as far as imitate the Muslims with 'UN messenger of peace' what will be next, 'hail, your new god, Challaki Charl, of the Free Mason, porkey greedy liars, named after a criminal, accidental experiment of misery, which they threaten Allah with, and think everyone will fear Amen Rah, instead of Allah's retribution. White supremacists are just evil lying, troublemaking, malicious, proud, hateful, greedy, lustful, arrogant, envious Satanic polytheists, who never write, openly, only because it comes from the soul, which belongs to Allah,they only wish to betray the souls and die in disbelief, kafir evil wicked tyrannical bastards of Satan, serve money porkey seeking exaltation on earth, and full of prejudice and lies and arrogance.


A Submitter




For my next music production I wanted to run Samplr in Audiobus, but it isn't appearing in the list of compatible apps in the Audiobus app. Creatively you could get some really unique and original sounds and performances in Samplr, I didn't use it the latest EP 'Blind Or Seer', which mainly on iPad with Audiobus, sequenced and recorded into Intua Beatmaker 2, as output.. The tracks on the latest EP were easy to produce, with apps like Figure, Cotracks which had to be recorded in a line in because it too wouldn't work in Audiobus as input, which means right now I'm writing this or I'd be producing with Cotracks... Also I don't like how my iPod library always goes to genius playlist which just makes playlists based on genre, not really genius.. My playlist have faith where I shuffle all my songs, and whatever tracks come on, I choose, faithfully submitting to Allah who controls everything, the Knower of the future, the Most Powerful and Most Wise...




What were the number 1 'ecstasy pill' called Mitsubishi named after, reflects A Submitter.

'Submitter Ecstasy' the immoral, perverse, wicked, seduced, depraved Christians are tossers who think it is all about giving or taking, in the treachery of what goes up must come down, they put gay suggestions of would you rather be giving or taking, that's why they are wicked anal backbiting bastards, but we wait and see, we do not hate our elders or oppress our children, like demons of Satan, who are losers who want others to lose...




If you give, you will receive, if you pay you will be paid, is the law of Kings, but the corrupt transgressing paymasters with usurious false wealth, say if you give you will be paid, if you pay you will receive, leading to speculation and claiming independence from Allah's ni mulk, with the stock market, lies and speculation and evil tyranny of white supremacists serve money tyrants.




I believe in yesterday, or, get fuct and pay the price for your useless advice...

Porkey Europeans consume like fire.
Chicken Pakis reproduce like water.

Dogs of war or cats of peace.
Scientific dogs or Islam cats.

Dogs bark 'puff' or cats say ‘meow

The elixir of life, to never die, or to be persecuted.
Unconditional love or by all means necessary.
Hierarchical military or cyclical farmers
Give and take or wait and see
Soulless vampires or soul surviving humans
What goes up must come down or what goes around comes around
Bastards of Satan or Children of Allah
Impeccable choice or natural fact
All seeing eye or there isn't anything as powerful as the written word in the history of humans (4 Testaments).
Greco of the greeks or Kashi of the Kashmiris
Greg the philosophy dog or Kash the Islam cat.
A Gora or A Submitter
Gold is cursed or water is blessed
Wicked regrets or blessed thankful.
Warrior pigs or submitter Kings
Anal bastards or horny cunts
Hard as rock or easy as 1 2 3
Pain of suffering or pleasure of enlightenment
Many deities or Allah the one Supreme Creator
Hell or Gardens of Eden
Anal bastards or horny cunts
Cheesy puffs or funguy funghi
Mujrim in prison or Muslim in picture.
Consuming pigs or reproducing chickens
E=MC squared, or, three tenses of time in a sequence
Western dark scientist or Eastern light faithful
One world Empire or Allah ni mulk
Wanting to share in the plunder with the proud or lowly in spirit with the afflicted
Charles Manson Amen Rah, or Kashif Afan Hussain, Massih Bin Dawud.
Accidental experiment of misery or natural quest of happiness
Revolution or Retribution White supremacy or Black terrorism Heaven is on earth or belief in the Last Day.

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