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Mars Attack Or Heart Attack


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What does the New World Order mean apart from an update to New Secularist Order? A global network through the all seeing eye, and if any human spends the night in sleep he or she will wake with being possessed by Masonic blood sucking vampires, it is a grave robbery of the Children of Adam, and to make them white supremacist pagan disbelievers in God and the Last Day, and instead of live on air, they claim to be superior by feeding on the blood of humans, they are the treacherous crooked witches Pharoans vipers, military vampires, who believe in 666, 6 on the keyboard looks different to how it present it self here, if you look closely it could be seen as a circular face with a feather on the side of its head, this what the racist white supremacy is trying to achieve, tyranny over the tribal people Chidren of Adam, claiming to be civilised and superior, when they are the tyrannical bastards of Satan, and even in the High society when Adam was created they led to a divide and rule in it for the money assuming all wins since whites go first in chess, it is hatred of Children of Adam, but instead God blessed the Messiah son of David with four 1s in his birthday 11/11/1979, in the year 2020 he will be 40 years old until 11/11/2020, then in 2021 he will be 41, he was born late into the seventies, a month or two before the end, he is blessed with happiness, and enlightenment, and has devoted his worship absolutely to God alone, yet there are so many fucking British espoinage agent provocatuers and evil troublemaking devil vampires, who every night are intruding his all black at peaceful night sleep into disturbed and very upsetting devil's illusions, yet he is provoked, but never fights back, because he isn't a dualist he is in unity, he believes in God and the Last Day, while the wicked are consistently anhilated, now biologist know it is either a snake or seed, male or female, animals are blood sucking killers, plants are martyrs in God's cause feeders, now the innovating lying secularists claim white people are in heaven and black people are in hell, but because Adam was not white, and the racist British occultist pagans made it clear through Satan, since they only have momentary powers they cannot control things other than for a few seconds, then everything perishes except the presence of God, so they say blacks are seed sowers, and whites are snake eyes, it is confusing because white supremacists have sold their souls claiming heaven is on earth, God is dead, and want to share in the plunder with the proud, so therefore in it for the money pirate, with cake for beginners crumbs later, it has no correlation to the colour of skin, or race, however it depends on either shooting lines money the root of all evil, or building homes God is the source of goodness.


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