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When you observe the contact prayer be in a state of nothingness, a miskeen, and God will accept your prayer, bless you, enrich you, and make everything easy for you, like Job said, 'the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away' on earth to redeem your soul is to be kind and clement like Abraham, and know none despairs of his Lord's mercy except the strayers.' With nothing you come into this world and with nothing you leave this world, spend your time not in pursuit of money but to serve God knowing to God we belong, and to God shall we return, God's promise is far better than the prospect of Mars in the all seeing eye, claiming heaven is on earth, God is dead and want to share in the plunder with the proud. The Garden of Eden will encompass the heavens and the earth, while vampires provocations are like a barren cold wasteland for earth full of life, Sauron's eye is a barren cold wasteland with hurling winds and dustclouds and darkness, like Nelly Furtado said 'they only will build you up, to bring you down' i think, innocence is eternal while corruption does not last forever, humans or vampires, there is no other god beside God, or God has begotten a son.


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Masha Allah the ease to plug in headphones and play thismakes it easier than reading it, been listening since Sehree close of fast just as dawn prayer starts, listened to from sura 14 Abraham to sura 28 History, now after Zohr i got to sura 33, in my one day, just to tell you some of the curses i lived with take like half a Quran to lift and at night i getting constantly possessed by polish pagans and when i had to read and recite myself it couldn't remove their curse, by listening to The Final Testament which is free of all the selling and buying going on in many false religions or unseen things just happiness in this life and the hereafter to serve God in the Kingdom of God, an authorised translation of the Quran which is simple, straightforward and the best and from a messenger of God who discovered the mathematical miracle based on 19.


Noteworthy As A Submitter


Noteworthy as A Submitter,

Attended Woodhouse Grove School, from the age of 11- 16, 1991-96 one of his sessions is called ‘Gold is Getting Old, House is Built To Last’ 
Discovered a number of mathematical miracles of the Quran based on 19, also his music has on numerous occasions to be digitally codified on 19.
397: On both occurrences in the Quran of the numbers 3 9 and 7, on sura 3 verse 97 and sura 39 verse 7,  it occurs in both verses ‘if you choose to disbelieve/ if you disbelieve, God does not need anyone’  in both verses the total for the individual numbers adds to 19, 3+9+7=19, however another factor takes place where the number of verses between these two verses adds to  3673 which also adds to nineteen 3+6+7+3=19.  One of the verses talks of the Shrine Abraham built in Makkah, and the other talks of God disliking His servant making the wrong decision, and is Knower of the innermost thoughts. Which again link with house is built to last and gold is getting old.
Attended Durham University Grey College after finishing A-Levels at a local Grammar school St. Bedes, then finding in Durham though it didn’t occur to him, only whilst becoming a writer, after graduation he realised a wonder of St. Bedes being buried in Durham Cathedral. 
Kashif history teacher at St.  Bedes Sarah told him whilst in his first year and returning to his old school his exam result was ‘C 2 points off a B’ this was another unnoticed marvel, but whilst making an album on iPad in 2017 he penned one of the titles ‘C 2 points off a B’ and realised possibly the computer language C++ derived from this, as Kashif was an apprentice at Computer Solutions firm in Thirsk, whilst awaiting his A-Level  results.


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