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 Salaam Alaykum,


Praise be to Allah, I have journalled a blog post at www.asubmitter.com in a while but have posted extensively, from what I could capture, I have made a file a pdf of some screenshots of the last few weeks of posts, masha Allah, a new thing, hopefully it will alright to view.  Also have started broadcasting on Mixlr at www.mixlr.com/manifestation, alhamdulilah which I will continue to do insha Allah, I've twelve broadcasts at Manifestation below on soundcloud.com/a-submitter you'lll find the latest broadcasts, this track below is the latest from yesterday night, in built recording, sounds great on headphones and also good on speakers, it was done on Djuced 18 on mac, with a Hercules DJcontroller Instinct, and was done instinctively too, masha Allah, great software to sound scape scratch and mix. 



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